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Wrinkles and Phantoms

Artists Carly Newman and  Rebecca Ganellen are family friends who played together as kids. Drifting apart during college, and reconnecting 8 years later, Newman and Ganellen discovered they have independently sought out career paths as artists: Ganellen in photography, Newman in painting and interactive performance. With permission, Newman began processing Ganellen's personal photos from instagram, the platform on which they reconnected, into large scale monoprints. While the photos do not change in subject, the process is visible, adding textures, brushstrokes, and “phantoms” to the image. Newman overlays gestural brushstrokes on top of scenes only familiar to Ganellen to represent the two artist’s independent paths converging. Their new work visually displays images that feel faintly familiar yet frustratingly distant, similar to their current relationship. 

Instead of paper, these prints are made from curtains, tablecloths, and blankets. Similarly to the fading of old curtains or warping of grandma's upholstery,  memories change and distort. These prints represent the negotiations we have with our past, and how much of our memories are accessible to our own minds and those around us. 

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